Land Castle Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll down and read the most frequently asked questions the Land Castle staff is asked about the event. If you have a question not listed, feel free to message us on Facebook or by clicking the "Let's Chat" button on this page.


Pets / Dogs

Simply put, your dog is welcome to come with your family to Land Castle, but they are not allowed in the vendor area (exceptions made for vendors). Dogs must always be on a leash and we kindly ask you to ensure that your dog cannot urinate on another person's house or campsite. 

Please also pick up all of your dog's poop and throw it away in one of the dumpsters - nobody likes to talk through dog poop then walk into their camper.


Water, Power, Sewer, Trash

Land Castle's campground area is set up on the Winstock Campground - in the middle of an alfalfa field. We do not have options for water, power, or sewer. We do have portable toilets on the grounds for you to use as well as dumpsters provided for trash.